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Accessories & compatible parts

accessories and compatible parts
OKW offers a comprehensive range of accessories which can be used to adapt our enclosures to many different applications and provide additional useful functions, for example: 
  • belt clip, eyelet, key ring, lanyard and bracelet for mobile use
  • attachment and restraining systems for the wall, desktop and for vehicles
  • tilt foot bars and handle bars for working at an ergonomic angle and comfortable carrying
  • various battery compartments and holders, compartments for rechargeable batteries as well as battery contacts for internal power supply
  • cable glands for the vibration-free and non-twist insertion of cables
  • and much more.
OKW enclosure families are designed right from the start with user-specific accessories. If you are interested in a particular product group, take a look at the additional accessories that are available to make integration of the electronics even easier.
Besides our standard accessories, we can also supply individual blanks for display windows and front panels. We can also assemble custom size seals and offer a wide range of fasteners, e.g. threaded bushes and bolts, spacers, attachment domes, screws etc. Simply ask us.

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