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Handheld enclosures modeled for the hand

Inspired by the touch sensation, the design of the BLOB family of enclosures is entirely focused on the needs of the user.

  • high level of practical value thanks to a convincing touch sensation; the user’s hands intuitively grasp the enclosure in the correct way
    *** iF product design award 2014 ***
  • the enclosures are designed to provide an natural grasp position which guides the operator’s hands to the controls
  • gentle and at the same time rugged
  • huge number of possible applications
  • 3 types
  • UNIT – for single handed operation with keypad area and grip
  • CONTROL – can be held with one hand and operated with the other. Separate keypad, activation and grip areas
  • PANEL - for handheld or desktop use. With keypad, activation and two grip areas
  • battery types AA, AAA and ø 12-23 mm button cells can be accommodated
  • cable glands can be fitted at any position on the circumference of the enclosure
  • recessed operating area for protecting the membrane keypad or decorative foil/label
  • ABS (UL 94 HB), two colours
  • optional IP 54 sealing kit
  • internal screw pillars for PCBs


Following the principles of “Universal Design”, BLOB supports applications that are flexible enough to meet the needs of a large number of people with different hand sizes and grasping volumes.
Many different kinds of user-oriented applications, wireless or with cable. As self-sufficient or complementary units, or in a network with other equipment.
Ideal for devices used is diagnostics, therapy, laboratory, industry, office, household and leisure time.

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