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Dual Face Sloping Front Enclosures

Our innovative UNITEC enclosures provide users with two operating panels at different inclinations, for face to face applications.

  • generously dimensioned dialogue areas inclined by 72° and 18° for face to face electronic devices; for example, user inputs data on the top and another person reads the displays/printouts on the front face
  • highly attractive contoured design suitable for desktop and wall mounted applications
  • two sizes, each with twelve versions
  • recessed areas 0.6 mm (labels) or 1.4 mm (membrane keypads) deep
  • uniquely, it is possible to have an all over product label
  • versions with battery compartment for 3 or 5 x AA cells
  • flexible component mounting; PCBs can be positioned in the bottom, top and front parts; screw pillars integrated
  • electronics and interfaces can be installed as complete packages, top and front part are at right angles to each other
  • protection class IP 40
  • hidden wall mounting in different orientations, separate wall suspension element (accessory)


Data aquisition systems. Access and information terminals. Building installations. Data systems engineering. Communication. Analysis diagnostics and therapy applications. Measuring and control. Industrial regulation.

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wall suspension element (accessory)
battery compartment 3 x AA / 5 x AA cells
wall mounted with operating panel horizontally
single or dual operating areas

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Without battery compartment
Unitec enclosure without battery compartment
With battery compartment 3 x AA
Unitec enclosure with battery compartment 3xAA
With battery compartment 5 x AA
Unitec enclosure with battery compartment 5xAA

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