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Installation / Assembly of accessories
Installation / Assembly of accessories

Installation / Assembly of accessories

Completing the equipment

After consultation, we can arrange the purchase of components, assembly, fitting, bonding of accessories and much more for you. Of course, you can also provide us with your own components for the assembly process.

If required we can support you in the development of the parts and components, and will help you plan suitable installation.
Please contact us, we will be pleased to help you.

Assembly of accessories

  • Assembly of enclosure accessories, e.g. cable glands, belt / pocket clips, tilt foot bars, wall mountings, hinges, handle bars and much more.
  • Application of keyboard foils, decor foils, type plates, display windows, mounting pillars etc.
  • Mounting of assemblies, installation of components. 
  • Assembly and packaging to customer's specifications, e.g. seals, fibre optics etc.

For individual mounting and configuration, we can offer a wide range of fasteners, e.g. threaded bushes and bolts, spacers, mounting pillars, screws etc.

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