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Desktop / Keyboard housings

desktop enclosures

Ergonomic sloping front desktop, keypad and keyboard enclosures

OKW desktop and keyboard enclosures feature ergonomically designed sloping front sections which allows the controls, keypads and displays to be positioned at a perfect viewing and operating angle. As a result, the operational data to be collected and entered quickly and reliably. All the enclosures have a highly attractive appearance which makes them ideal for applications where external design is very important. From our wide range of models you can select an enclosure that will fully meet your requirements i.e. control panel size, viewing angle, PCB size etc.

Standard options include: protection class IP 54, battery compartments for AA or 9 V cells, separate terminal compartments, recessed areas for membrane keyboards, separate lids for installing card/bar code readers, wall mounting sets etc. Front panel housings are also available for installing complete prefabricated electronic assemblies.

Desktop / Keyboard housings


150x93x35mm - 250x155x54mm


140x140x76mm - 220x243x108mm


190x135x34mm - 275x195x128mm


180x130x97mm - 272x302x126mm


120x150x42mm - 290x200x75mm

Desk Cases

138x190x54mm - 228x216x126mm


125x177x69mm - 148x210x80mm


110x110x30mm - 160x110x41mm