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Table-top / instrument enclosures

table-top and instrument enclosures

Stylish and versatile instrument enclosures for table-top electronics

OKW table-top and instrument enclosures have been designed to provide an almost unlimited number of opportunities for packaging your electronics. The enclosures can be configured in different designs and combinations, not only for compact applications but also for larger systems. Our instrument enclosures are characterised by their high-quality finish and installation-friendly design, which allows rational assembly of the components. Anti-slide feet also ensure reliable positioning on the desk.

Depending on the type of enclosure, standard options include: battery compartments for AA and 9 V cells, ergonomically sloping control panels, recessed areas for membrane keyboards, front / rear panels made of plastic, aluminium or perspex, ventilation slots for good heat dissipation, integrated handles as well as adjustable carry handles, which allow the units by be canted at an ergonomic angle.

Table-top / instrument enclosures


150x93x35mm - 250x155x54mm


150x155x37mm - 330x200x48mm


125x177x69mm - 148x210x80mm

Shell-Type Cases

85x45x22mm - 190x138x68mm


155x105x40mm - 235x165x110mm


200x160x74mm - 260x290x124mm

Euro Case

260x250x54mm - 367x250x276mm

Lux Case

118x150x57mm - 173x230x136mm


222x205x80mm - 348x303x117mm