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Wearable enclosures

Wearable enclosures

Plastic enclosures for wearable electronics

Technologies that can be worn on or close to the body, so-called "wearables", offer users many advantages – from smart communication, entertainment, security management and fitness tracking to portable devices for medical applications to determine a patient's vital parameters, and much more.
The wide range of applications and the continuous development of sensors require enclosures that are optimally designed for these on-the-body applications in terms of size and ergonomics. OKW wearable enclosures perform their function simply and elegantly, without restricting the user. They can be operated by means of keys, touch screens or push buttons, e.g. for emergency call systems for the elderly.

Larger versions have a convex design to match the curves of the body and offer a generous surface area for interfaces. Our smaller enclosures are highly practical and unobtrusive.

Accessories include wrist straps or hand straps for easy and comfortable applications on your arm, belt/pocket clips for attaching to a belt or shirt, or fastening eyelets, for example for attaching lanyards, belt straps etc.

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