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November 2019

New Laser Marking Service For Electronic Enclosures

OKW's new laser marking of legends, logos and sequential QR codes/barcodes is waterproof, smudge-proof and durable. We can add consecutive numbers to cases (or parts) quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Laser marking is available for plastics and aluminium. It is more resilient than printing because it physically changes the colour of the surface. Dark and light surfaces turn grey at the point of marking.

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October 2019

SMART-CONTROL – OKW’s First Enclosure For Corners

New SMART-CONTROL is OKW’s first plastic electronic enclosure designed specifically for room corners. It can be mounted on ceilings and walls using the suspension element, or on a table-top using the desktop stand.

Wedge-shaped SMART-CONTROL is perfect for security and monitoring, environmental technology, IoT/IIoT, gateways, measurement and control, sensors, control electronics, medical and laboratory technology.

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August 2019

OKW CONNECT Wired Electronic Enclosures Now In Black

OKW’s CONNECT enclosures for wired electronics are now available as standard in black as well as off-white.

CONNECT can be connected to a cable, sit between cables or act as a node for USB connectors. Applications include medical and wellness, data systems engineering, machine control, robotics, IoT/IIoT, measuring and control.

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July 2019

Specify Extruded Aluminium Enclosures In Custom Sizes

OKW’s elegant SMART-TERMINAL and SYNERGY aluminium enclosures are now available in custom lengths. Both are designed for peripherals, measurement, control and healthcare applications. SMART-TERMINAL is ideal for communications, Smart Factory and Industry 4.0. SYNERGY is for perfect for building services, IoT/IIoT and high end home automation.

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June 2019

Wired Medical Electronic Enclosures In Three Sizes

OKW’s CONNECT wired enclosures for medical electronics are now available in three sizes. These are suitable for a range of hospital applications including remote control for beds and other equipment, patient monitoring and emergency call buttons.

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May 2019


OKW has launched two new adapters that enable any small plastic enclosure to be mounted on a DIN rail – saving space and speeding up installations. DIN RAIL ADAPTER B6811751 is designed to fit TH35, TH15 and G32 DIN rails. The second ADAPTER (B1300017, off-white or B1300019, black) fits TH35 and G32 rails.

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April 2019


OKW’s new PROTEC control enclosures can now be wall mounted thanks to the launch of a new suspension element (available as an accessory). These are ideal for applications including building services, central control, IoT/IIoT, smart factory, industry 4.0.

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March 2019


OKW has added a new holder to its STYLE-CASE range of ergonomic handheld enclosures. The new holder enables secure storage when the case is not in use, and can be mounted to walls, partitions and machine housings.

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January 2019


OKW has launched an all new square enclosure for desktop and indoor or outdoor wall-mounted electronics. Advanced new PROTEC is designed for applications including surveillance, access and security control, IoT/IIoT, smart factory and medical technology.

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