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Universal enclosures

universal plastic enclosures

Multi-purpose plastic enclosures for electronics and electrical applications

OKW universal enclosures are designed for a very wide range of electrical and electronic applications. Whether table top or desk top, wall or ceiling-mounted, mobile or interconnected – these enclosures can be used universally and convince the user with their excellent aesthetics, ergonomics and reliability. The extensive range includes many different basic formats and designs. All models offer easy access for installation of printed circuit boards and electronic components.

Depending on the type of enclosure, there are battery compartments for AAA, AA and 9 V batteries, protection classes up to IP 66, integrated mains plug parts, wall-suspension elements, belt / pocket clips, hinge/cover retention devices, security kits etc.

Universal enclosures


51x82x14mm - 92x150x28mm


102x54x30mm - 194x115x68mm

Flat-Pack Case

100x50x25mm - 189x110x120mm


110x110x30mm - 160x110x41mm


120x90x50mm - 280x170x60mm


80x80x60mm - 360x240x160mm


60x60x40mm - 100x100x80mm


84x82x55mm - 302x232x110mm

Plug Cases

100x50x40mm - 120x65x65mm