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December 2020

Elegant Wall-Mount Enclosures For Building Control Electronics

Smart technology must be elegant – 21st century intelligent building control systems call for high-performance enclosures with a ‘wow’ factor. Not just for hi-tech offices and automated homes but for smart factories too.

Discover how SMART-PANEL is revolutionising the design of standard and customisable enclosures in this rapidly growing area of electronics.

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November 2020

Which Plastic Enclosure For My Handheld Electronics?

Handheld enclosures must meet significantly higher expectation levels than their desktop or wall mount counterparts. If a user is going to be holding an enclosure then it must feel absolutely right. It must look and feel as if it has been designed specifically for that task – and no other.

The perfect handheld enclosure is one that doesn’t look or feel standard in any way. The user should have no idea that the housing is standard – it must seem bespoke, custom-moulded for that device.

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October 2020

Designing The Right Enclosures For Today’s Medical Electronics

Medical devices are like the clinicians that use them. Both face punishing working conditions – but miraculously, neither is expected to show any signs of wear. In this blog we look at how we design our enclosures for medical applications. Our medical enclosures must be exemplary: smart, modern, robust and tamperproof. And they should be resilient so they continue to look ‘new’ for as long as possible.

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September 2020

Specifying Plastic Enclosures For Industry 4.0 Electronics

Electronics designers know the importance of Industry 4.0 only too well as they race to create the next generation of robotics, computing, sensor and HMI products. Designers are turning to a new generation of IoT/IIoT electronic enclosures to help them meet burgeoning demand for Industry 4.0 solutions Learn how in our latest blog.

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July 2020

COVID-19: The Race Against Time To Develop Medical Equipment

Speed has been vital in the battle against Covid-19. Every day of delay can be the difference between life and death for vulnerable coronavirus patients. But prototyping any new medical product is seldom quick, even in normal times. Solution? Save time and guarantee quality by specifying a customised version of a tried and tested standard enclosure.

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May 2020

EVOTEC - The new enclosure range for contemporary electronics

The new EVOTEC enclosure range is perfect for contemporary handheld, desktop and wall mount electronics applications. With its robust construction and attractive design, this highly attractive range is ideal for tough working environments. In addition, the different operating faces offer enormous scope for customer design-in. In this Blog will look in detail at all the design features of this exciting new range of plastic enclosures.

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April 2020

Innovative Plastic Enclosures and Knobs for Medical Electronics

Medical technology is a continuously growing and extremely sensitive market. The devices and their enclosures and tuning knobs must meet high standards. They must be durable, functional, stable and visually convincing. An ergonomic shape is a basic requirement for mobile devices worn close to the body, writes Robert Cox, Sales & Marketing Director at OKW Enclosures Ltd.

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February 2020

Today’s New Plastic Enclosures for IoT/IIoT Sensors

OKW’s EASYTEC is a rarity in the world of plastic electronic enclosures – a brand new housing designed specifically for IoT/IIoT sensor applications (rather than an existing model adapted to the role). Marketing Director Robert Cox outlines the design ethos that helped to shape new EASYTEC…

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