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New products and company news

At OKW we are constantly developing exciting new products and range additions to provide our customers with innovative housing solutions. Take a look at our latest new products here:

PROTEC all new sloping front desktop/wall mount enclosures
November 2018

PROTEC enclosures have a modern and highly attractive square design with soft contours. As a result, these wall-mount and desktop housings are ideal for modern electronics applications, both indoors and outdoors. The cases are available in three standard sizes and can be sealed with optional sealing kits.

November 2018

For storing devices when not in use or being charged. The operating panel is still visible while the case is in the holder. The holder can be screwed to a wall or machine housing. For other surface surfaces that cannot be drilled (furniture, glass panes etc.) it can be secured using an adhesive foil.

New extruded enclosures for embedded PCs and systems
July 2018

A new embedded systems version of our sophisticated SMART-TERMINAL enclosures is now available. These enclosures have flat anodised front panels instead of the moulded end covers and seals.

SMART-TERMINAL sophisticated extruded enclosures
February 2018

Our new SMART-TERMINAL extruded aluminium enclosures feature a highly quality matt anodised finish. These robust, elegant and highly attractive cases offer plenty of space for large-volume electronic assemblies, for example touch screens, display modules, PCBs etc. A variety of technical advantages, individual profile lengths on request, and creative designer options make the SMART-TERMINAL the last word in excellence for tough industrial display enclosures.

New EVOTEC 150 enclosures
December 2017

Our EVOTEC range of attractive desktop enclosures is now extended with the new 150 models, the smallest in the series with external dimensions of 150 x 93 x 35 and 150 x 93 x 45 mm: a flat design for small-format components, and a higher design for larger installations. Thanks to the high-quality ASA+PC-FR material with high UV protection and the optional IP 65 seal, these robust enclosures are ideal for industrial electronics.

New small BODY-CASE enclosures and charging stations
November 2017

BODY-CASE enclosures can now be developed into even smaller units with the launch of the new smaller size "M" models. With external dimensions of only 50 x 41 x 16 mm. Wrist strap, belt / pocket kit, lanyard etc. are available as accessories.

In addition, two "stations" for the housing sizes L and M are now available as accessories. They provide sufficient space for additional electronics, e.g. for inductive charging. On request, the stations can be mounted in series.

STYLE-CASE hand-held enclosure series extended
October 2017

STYLE-CASE is now available in two new sizes: "S" (124 x 48 x 25 mm) and "M" (147 x 56 x 27 mm). The compact sizes and comfortable feel make these ideal for design-oriented electronics of all kinds. The gloss finish gives the device a very modern appearance. As far as the finishes are concerned, you can choose between black and traffic white. On request we can also supply different colours. For the power supply, the enclosure sizes S and M are equipped with an externally accessible battery compartment for 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries.

OKW and METCASE new products on show at EDS exhibition
August 2017

OKW and METCASE will be showcasing their most technically advanced new electronic enclosures at the Engineering Design Show (Stand J56, October 18-19 2017, Ricoh Arena, Coventry).

New larger EVOTEC 250 added to the range
August 2017

EVOTEC 250, with outside dimensions 250 x 155 x 54 mm has been added to the EVOTEC range of modern, tough, UV-stable and IP 65 sealed desktop enclosures. The new size offers sufficient space for the installation of a 5.7" display with/without touch screen functionality.

EVOTEC - Enclosures for contemporary desktop applications
March 2017

The new EVOTEC enclosures expand our range of robust table top enclosures with a modern design concept. Soft contours guarantee an elegant appearance and ensure high-quality packaging of your electronics. The enclosures are made of UV-stable ASA+PC-FR plastic material, and can be ordered with a seal for protection class IP 65. Your equipment is thus fully prepared for rough conditions and outdoor use.

The enclosures are available with different top parts to suit different applications. There is the classic rectangular version with flat top part and large interior, or the sloping top version which has a 12° ergonomically inclined front panel – ideal for desktop applications with perfect user comfort. The desktop version is also available with or without a recessed area in the top for fitting a membrane keypad / product label. 

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RAILTEC B, 2-9 modules, with low/high connection levels
February 2017

New versions are now available for applications requiring a larger installation compartment, to supplement the RAILTEC B range of DIN rail enclosures. The top parts of the enclosures have different connection levels, high and low, for mounting individual components, e.g. terminal blocks, plug headers, front connectors, USB, LAN and D-Sub connectors. The enclosures meet the requirements of DIN 43880, size 1, and guarantee fast and simple locking capability onto standard rails complying with DIN EN 60715 TH35.

Wall mounting kit for small enclosures
Concealed wall mounting kits for SYNERGY R120 and R140
February 2017

With small enclosure applications, external wall mounting brackets/kits can often be intrusive and visually unattractive, especially for high value applications. So, concealed wall mounting is often a sought-after solution.

To solve this problem OKW have designed a new wall suspension set. Now small enclosures with a flat base can be elegantly mounted on the wall. Ideal for applications like controllers in building installations. Example enclosures: 
SYNERGY R120 (ø 120 mm x 40 mm – ER123059) and 

SYNERGY R140 (ø 140 mm x 40 mm – ER143059) enclosures.

Wall suspension element set black, A9305019 >>

Wall suspension element set off-white, A9305017 >>

STYLE-CASE - Highly polished and ergonomic handheld enclosures
November 2016

Our new STYLE-CASE has a high gloss surface finish, thus creating another design highlight for handheld control units. Available from January 2017 - these elegant eye-catching enclosures fit snugly in the hand and are easy and reliable to operate. The highly polished surface has a very pleasant feel which imparts a high quality and modern user experience. 

COM-KNOBS now with a highly attractive metallic silver covers
October 2016

Turn your device into a real eye-catcher! The new matt chrome COM-KNOB covers create an individual style, a high-quality appearance, and a striking contrast with the basic plastic body of the tuning knob. Ideal for matching with metal front panels. These chrome-plated covers are available for sizes 23-40 mm COM-KNOBS... 

Carrytec M (slim) & L handle seal design updated
July 2016

We have updated the sealing design in the handle area of the Carrytec M (slim) and L models to improve the performance of the IP 54 protection.

SYNERGY - optional acrylic panel and frame assembly
June 2016

On request we can supply our SYNERGY enclosures with a special acrylic display panel and holding frame. The high-quality appearance of the enclosure with an aluminium frame blends seamlessly with the panel. The panels and frames can be supplied in a minimum quantity of 25 pcs. Panels and frames can be supplied for all profiles: Design S, R, E and O. 

Universal Feet Kits for plastic and metal enclosures
May 2016

New highly attractive feet kits for fitting to any type of plastic or metal enclosures. Very modern and tough design moulded in ABS with anti-skid pads in TPE. Four standard colours. Available with or without tilt feet. 

New MINITEC EM intermediate ring for Micro USB connector
May 2016

You can now specify our MINITEC enclosures with an intermediate ring with an aperture for a Micro USB 5P, B Type SMT connector.  Ideal for small rechargeable devices...

New OKW Catalogue now available
April 2016

The all new OKW catalogue differs from its predecessors. For the first time there are two separate sections, the overview section which highlights the main features of each product range, and the ordering information section with provides all of the ordering data. All the new products and product enhancements introduced since the last catalogue are now included.

Lower cost DATEC-COMPACT without sealing gaskets
April 2016

New lower priced versions of our tough DATEC-COMPACT enclosures are now available. These are supplied without integrated sealing gaskets. Three sizes (S, M, L) and two standard colours off-white (RAL 9002) and lava are available.  

Extra space with new RAILTEC C (6 modules with high top part)
April 2016

New DIN rail enclosures in PC (UL 94 V-0) with high top part for extra space inside. Terminal guards as accessories. With open and closed front panels. Front panel and front cover available as accessories. Suitable for EN 50 60715 DIN rails as well as for direct wall mounting.

RAILTEC CV - DIN Rail Enclosures
April 2016

New compact DIN rail enclosure with push-on terminal blocks, 16-pin (4 x 4 pins) in a 5 mm grid. Versions without/with ventilation slots for good heat dissipation. Suitable for DIN rails EN 60715 TH35.

BODY-CASE small enclosures for wearable personal electronics
February 2016

BODY-CASE is the new "wearable" standard enclosure from OKW. The design is perfect for so-called "wearable technologies": on your arm, around your neck, clipped to a shirt or trouser pocket, or carried loose in an article of clothing.

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Carry cases for transportation, protection and presentation
January 2016

Our new Carry Cases have a modern design and offer reliable protection for your valuable electronics equipment and accessories. The Carry Case series is available in four different sizes and features modular components which allow individual partitioning of the case interior.

CONNECT - Stylish Enclosures For Wired Electronics
October 2015

CONNECT is a new range of versatile and compact plastic enclosures for wired applications. The cases are offered in three sizes and consist of two case shells which are easily and reliably snapped together. Either end can be fitted with the accessory cable glands or plastic end panels which can be machined for USB connectors etc. Applications will include medical, peripherals, building services, measuring and remote controls. Ask for a sample today!

Enclosures for Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen
October 2015

In September this year, the Raspberry Pi Foundation presented a 7" touch screen display for its micro-PCs. Raspberry Pi Model A+, Model B+ as well as the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B are supported. 18 OKW enclosures are of a suitable size for fitting this display. 

Carrytec M Carrying Cases and Shoulder Strap
September 2015

For keeping instruments, sensors, accessories etc. there are now also special side carrying cases (moulded plastic parts and textile fabric) for the size M Carrytec enclosures. Interfaces can be pre-connected and are immediately ready for use. Sold as complete sets.

Raspberry PI B+ and PI 2 Enclosures
July 2015

These new enclosures use the film hinge principle to hold the mini-format single-board computers Raspberry PI B+ and PI 2. The enclosures offer a simple and inexpensive solution for packing the board, and offer all of the necessary openings for connections.

New KNX Cover For RAILTEC B DIN Rail Enclosures
March 2015

New cover for KNX connectors fits to the 2/4 module RAILTEC B series models - version VI as well as with flat top models. Easy assembly through snap-in installation of the case parts.

SMART-BOX IP 66 Enclosures Range Extended
February 2015

The robust and highly attractive SMART-BOX series is now available in a useful new size: 220 x 130 x 60 mm. These IP 66 rated plastic enclosures is made of high-quality ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) in light grey RAL 7035. The modern design includes many useful design features including hinged trims which hide all of the assembly screws.

Slim Carrytec Enclosures For Tablet Style Electronics
January 2015

Carrytec size M enclosures are now also available as slim versions for the installation of tablet style electronics and the like, which have less space requirements. The practical handle also makes it possible to carry the enclosure comfortably and securely.

INTERFACE-TERMINAL - Standard Enclosures For iPad Air
December 2014

OKW has added two new iPAD Air front panels to its INTERFACE-TERMINAL multifunction electronic enclosures range – enabling the tablets to be securely mounted to walls or desks, or in a robust handheld enclosure to help prevent damage or even theft.

 - Plastic panel for iPad Air

 - Aluminium panel for iPad Air

SYNERGY - Advanced Extruded Aluminium/Plastic Enclosures
July 2014

For the first time ever, OKW has combined aluminium with plastic to produce a harmonious blend of materials in its advanced new range of enclosures. Synergy is available in 36 different models from launch. These beautiful new housings feature an extruded aluminium case profile, which has a very high quality surface finish. The plastic top and base parts are assembled by internal fixing pillars. The top is recessed for a keypad and the base includes a battery compartment lid. Separate battery cradles for 2, 3, or 5 AA cells are available. The base is inset for fitting cables up to ø3mm through the underside. Four case shapes are offered; round, square, rectangular and oval. The plastic parts are flame retardant (UL 94 V-0) and UV stable. A wall mounting kit is also offered. Synergy enclosures can be supplied fully customised. Different heights can also be accommodated.

DATEC-COMPACT - Outdoor IP65 Handheld Enclosures
May 2014

DATEC-COMPACT is our latest range of modern and ergonomic handheld enclosures which have been designed for tough outdoor applications. The material is ASA + PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) which is strong, flame retardent and resistant to ultraviolet radiation when frequently used outdoors. DATEC-COMPACT cases are available in two standard colours: off-white, RAL 9002 and lava grey. All models are a supplied with a pre-moulded IP 65 sealing gasket in the lid. Options include a 3 x 1.5V AA battery compartment, desk charging station, pre-fitted contacts for the station and wall holders. The launch model is size M (172 x 92 x 39 mm), sizes S and L will be available later in 2014.

RAILTEC B - Low Profile DIN Rail Enclosures
April 2014

The new RAILTEC B low profile DIN rail enclosures have a flat full size top sections which is ideal for mounting controls and displays. The top section is recessed for fitting membrane keypads or product labels. Internal mounting pillars are provided inside the for mounting displays and PCBs. PCB terminal blocks and headers can be accomodated in the ends, and a range of terminal guards is available to suit different pitch sizes and arrangements. These new low profile models are available in standard widths of 2, 4, 6 and 9 modules. The DIN rail clip on the rear conforms to DIN EN 60715 TH35. The enclosures are moulded in flame retardant UL 94 V-0 rated PC and PPO.

NET-BOX - Sleek Wall Mount Enclosures
January 2014

Very modern and elegant housings for wall mounted control units, network nodes, medical devices, access control terminals and much more. Stylish curved top section which can be fitted with LEDs, displays and switches. Inset panel on the underside provides discreet mounting for all the connections i.e. RJ45, RS232, HDMI, USB, power inlets etc. The connectors and cables are hidden under the front lid.