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A personal alarm on your mobile phone

A personal alarm on your mobile phone

Threatening or urgent situations can develop quickly. This is particularly important in high-risk occupations. With the Crystal Alarm app you can issue an alarm and call for help by just pressing a single key. Thanks to the Global Positioning System (GPS) on every smartphone, Crystal Alarm always knows where you are when you issue the alarm. The SOS signal can be sent directly to an alarm centre or to computers within your company organisation. Every alarm is also sent to your work colleagues, since they can frequently offer help fastest.

However, your smartphone is not easily accessible in all situations. This is what the Crystal Button was developed for – a mini-device with just one button. Pressing this button forwards the alarm via your smartphone. The "Crystal Button" was installed in the OKW MINITEC Edge series of enclosures, size S, and on account of its size it can be worn in many different ways; either round your neck, in your pocket or on your keyring.


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