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Fully automatic safety device for climbers

Fully automatic safety device for the ascent

EPIC (Electronic Partner for Individual Climbing) is a securing system for climbers that controls lead climbing, second climbing and abseiling mechatronically via a box and remote control. It is the first device in the world that permits fully automatic risk-free climbing without a belay partner.

EPIC is an electronic rope securing device that can be remote-controlled with a unit worn on the arm. The safety device is about the size of a brick, easy to carry, and operated with a rechargeable battery. It is either attached to the walls with screws or click closures, or can be attached to any solid structure with a strap. The rope is threaded in when the climber starts the ascent. The EPIC electronic system contains a pulley that guides the rope and a small motor that pulls the rope behind itself. The electronic system monitors the revolutions and will recognise a fall by the increased speed. It will apply the electromechanical brake then. The climber also wears a 3-axis-acceleration sensor on the wrist. If the sensor registers a fall, the brake signal will be sent to the basis within 30 milliseconds as well. The rope brake will engage after one metre at the latest.



Auroco GmbH,
Munich (Germany)

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