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online PD handheld scanner

Online PD handheld scanner

Fast detection of PD activity in switchgear and cable assemblies

The PD-SGS online PD handheld scanner by BAUR is used for the fast testing of live switchgear for partial discharge activity. Potential weak points are indicated acoustically and numerically. In addition, the user receives a recommendation for action for the tested switchgear according to the traffic light principle. This allows the fast status assessment of entire substations, so that further examinations or immediate maintenance measures can be planned effectively and cost-efficiently on the basis of the measurement results.

With its integrated capacitive TEV and acoustic sensors, the PD-SGS detects both partial internal high-frequency switchgear partial discharges and partial surface discharges. For the investigation of hard-to-reach parts of the switchgear, the hand-held scanner has a connection for a satellite dish. As safety equipment for daily use, the PD SGS is mainly used by the testing personnel for quick safety checks to determine whether the switchgear working area is safe.