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Operating elements for ultrasonic nebulizer

Operating elements for ultrasonic nebulizer

The ultrasonic nebulizer micro of the company Suchatzki transforms electrical energy into mechanical vibrations at a frequency of 1.7 MHz. These extremely fast vibrations cause the smallest particles of the inhalation liquid to dissolve. Only then are the active ingredient particles dissolved in the aerosol small enough to reach the respiratory tract and bronchioles as well as the alveoli during inhalation. In addition to drug aerosol therapy micro also serves to effectively prevent and treat respiratory diseases and to pleasant moistening of the tracheal and bronchial mucosa. Medication in very small amounts of 3-30 ml are completely atomised except for a small amount of residue. Accessories such as mouthpiece and mask support targeted therapy.

According to the needs the micro system allows to choose the equipment as required. Due to easy handling and noiseless operation the micro range is also especially suitable for home care.


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