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Overcrowd prevention and Safe distancing

Overcrowd prevention and Safe distancing

As a consequence to the coronavirus (COVID-19) the work zones will face a new reality where prevention of overcrowding and maintaining safe distancing between humans will be necessary as an intergral part of worker's safety.

However for industrial work zones, distancing between workers and work zone population limits will depend on many factors specific to each work zone. A workable and efficient safe distance technology is essential and

1. must be able to adjust to local work zone requirements,
2. should prevent unnecessary and annoying alarms,
3. must provide high precision regardless of worker’s position and other interferences.

PreAcc offers individual standardized systems for occupational health and safety. Workers wearing a PreAcc vibrating bracelet are alerted when they are too close proximity to other workers and do not keep the safe and necessary distance. The distance of the bracelet proximity alert is variable and automatically set depending on the work zone requirements.

The standard beacons and PreAcc vibrating bracelets serves for all functions, from crowd limitations for health all the way to anti-collision because the PreAcc Safe Distancing & Overcrowd Prevention Platform works on the PreAcc EM-5tec technology.

Various application examples:

  • Prevention of overcrowding and maintaining safe distancing between humans
  • Anti-collision such as between Workers and Machine (W2M), Machine to machine, (M2M), Machine to obstacles, etc. in rectangular 180 degree zones
  • Worker’s safety related to plant operations (i.e. under overhead cranes, container handling)
  • Gate control, head count per work zone, safety tracking of workers, authorized personnel;
    Emergency evacuation and tracking of worker’s in potential danger;
    Handheld devices for ¬ first responders to help locate trapped workers;
    Real time information of worker population per location in case of emergency evacuation
  • Existing PreAcc safety systems could be adapted to other future disasters like seasonal flu


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