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Wearable voice amplifier

Wearable voice amplifier

The STFORSTKB-0 voice amplifier by VESTFOLD AUDIO AS has been specially developed to help people with a weak or very weak voice. The device is portable and lightweight (340g) – it can thus help people everywhere and in every day-to-day situation. The unit has an advanced amplifier with a 3-band equalizer for optimum voice reproduction. The voice amplifier is intended for short listening distances and for personal conversations. The voice amplifier has a rechargeable battery which guarantees an operating time of more than 8 hours. A practical head worn microphone is used to pick up the speakers voice close to the mouth.

Background: Assistive technology in Norway
The policies of health and social services in Norway are based on the values of equal opportunity, social participation and security for all. The provision of assistive devices is a major factor in the rehabilitation process and aims at enabling persons with disabilities to achieve and maintain optimum physical, sensory, intellectual, mental and social functions.
On the basis of individual rights, the provision of assistive devices is covered by the Norwegian Social Security Act. Assistive devices are provided to people whose functional capacity is permanently impaired due to illness or injury. In addition, the assistive devices must be both necessary and appropriate for improving the user’s ability to perform activities and to participate in daily life. The policy aims at providing the most appropriate yet cheapest assistive device free of charge for the user.


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