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B4210228 CARRYTEC M slim version


CARRYTEC M slim version

Strong plastic enclosure with handle, slim version. Ideal for the installation of tablet computers and the like, which have modest space requirements and can be carried comfortably and securely in the Carrytec.
The top part is identical with that of the larger enclosure versions; only the bottom part is flatter.
Top part with recessed surface for using membrane keyboards. Attachment domes for PCBs and components in the top and bottom parts. Interface installation at the rear, for example for support arm applications, ensures orderly cable routing through enclosure connection.


Top and bottom parts, TPE handle pad, assembly kit

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Accessory "protection"

B4310001 Sealing M


Sealing M Application: for increasing the protection class, of CARRYTEC M.

Supply 1 sealing



Sealing M
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Accessory "wall/holder"

B4308238 Holding clamps


Holding clamps For hanging the enclosure from round tubes Ø 32 mm and standard equipment rails DIN EN ISO 19054 (25 x 10 mm). 2 locating holes Ø 2.4 mm are required. For attachment, 2 stainless steel Torx screws Ø 3 x 8 mm (Torx 10) are included in the set.

Supply 1 holding clamp, assembly kit



Holding clamps
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PA 6

Accessory "carrying"

K0300012 Shoulder strap 330 / 340


Shoulder strap 330 / 340 The shoulder strap can be used for carry cases 330 and 340 as well as Carrytec enclosures with separate brackets (B4308309). The upholstered strap is wedge-shaped in order to prevent the strap from slipping off the shoulder, and ensures optimum load distribution. The shoulder strap can easily be adjusted to the size of the user.

Samples free of charge are not available.

Supply 1 shoulder strap



Shoulder strap 330 / 340
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Accessory "screws"

A0325080 Self-tapping screws 2.5 x 8 mm (PZ1)


Self-tapping screws 2.5 x 8 mm (PZ1) Self-tapping crosshead screw (PZ1), specifically suitable for plastics. For fastenings components, boards and PCBs onto pillars.
For correct assembly please note the tightening torque depends on enclosure type.

Supply 1 self-tapping screw



Self-tapping screws 2.5 x 8 mm (PZ1)
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A0399T10 Torx T10 screwdriver


Torx T10 screwdriver Screwdriver with ergonomic handle for reliably turning, tightening and loosening Torx T10 type screws. (original can deviate from photo)

Supply 1 screwdriver



Torx T10 screwdriver
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Customising options for B4210228

What else do you need to create your own personal product? We can supply our enclosures and tuning knobs fully modified to suit your electronic components and design requirements. Please advise for anything else we can do for you.

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Protection class
IP 54 opt.
Necessary accessories: sealing kit
Enclosure lava,
Handle pad orange
The degree(s) of protection listed refer to the empty standard enclosures (without any modifications) and are in compliance with the EN 60529 standard.
270 mm
247 mm
42 mm
PCB length, base
258 mm
PCB width, base
176 mm
PCB length, top
258 mm
PCB width, top
184 mm
Keypad length
219.5 mm
Keypad width
162.5 mm
Please take the dimensions from current parts. These are subject to material- and manufacturing-specific tolerances.

Drawings (Discrepancies depend on material-specific manufacturing tolerances, e.g. DIN EN 16742)

3D-Models (Discrepancies depend on material-specific manufacturing tolerances, e.g. DIN EN 16742)

Weight/1 part
610 g
Customs tariff number
(OKW product)
Country of manufacture