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Bespoke enclosures and tuning knobs

Bespoke enclosures and tuning knobs

Bespoke enclosures and tuning knobs to your exact specifications

We are pleased to pass on to you our many years of experience in the development and manufacture of plastic enclosures and tuning knobs. Despite our best efforts, standard enclosures can never meet all individual customer requirements. By taking advantage of our standard product components, our expertise in moulding technologies, and investment in manufacturing equipment, we able to offer you a fully bespoke solution which combines standard and custom parts.

Standard design in special sizes

We can develop your customer-specific variant on the basis of the standard design. With the help of existing 3D models, we can design practically any special size to meet your needs and requirements and produce the products in existing plastic materials.

Custom design

We create and develop exclusive designs for your products as well as individual function parts to match your application. Our many years’ experience in enclosure technology and plastic processing guarantees an ideal solution for your task and for any quantity.