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With Integrated handle for easy positioning.

Adding the new size L to our CARRYTEC range has made it an even better choice for hospitals and other clinical environments. Size L CARRYTEC is the perfect enclosure for mounting on suspension arms – invert the case and the robust integral grab handle is ideally placed for maneuvering the housing.

Medical and wellness are key sectors for CARRYTEC so we have ensured the cases can be sealed with Torx T10 screws to make them tamperproof.

There’s a large recessed area on the front panel to accommodate a display screen or membrane keypad. And accessories include a hospital bed rail clamp, a desktop docking station, battery cradle (1.5V AA x 5) and add-on zip bags for carrying power cables, wires or probes.

But CARRYTEC is not just for hospitals: applications also include test and measurement, detection and monitoring, data recording and robotics.

These cases will also have to withstand the rigors of the agricultural and forestry sectors so they come in a choice or materials: reinforced ABS for indoor applications, reinforced PA for outdoors.