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Tough handheld enclosures rated IP 65

Mid-engined sports cars handle so well because their powerplant is centred for optimum balance. We have applied the same principle to our HAND-TERMINAL enclosures – one of the hidden gems of the OKW range.

HAND-TERMINAL’s battery compartment is in the centre of the housing, ensuring that it balances perfectly in your hand. For good measure, the rear section is sculpted with an arched profile to make it even more comfortable to hold.

Both these features are important because HAND-TERMINAL is a large hand held housing aimed at applications such as data collection units and programmers. Its big front compartment has been designed to accommodate large push button switches for machine control. This design also means the units are inclined at a convenient viewing angle when they sit on a desktop.

HAND-TERMINAL is moulded in a flame retardant (UL 94 V-0) ABS/PC blend so it can withstand tough industrial environments. Cases can be specified up to IP 65 (with the optional sealing kit). And – reprising that earlier sports car analogy – we even manufacture an open top version (in this case to allow the mounting of an optional aluminium control panel).

Both versions of HAND-TERMINAL – open and closed – are 220 x 120 x 65 mm. Three battery cradle options are available: 4 x 1.5V AA, 1 x 9V and 2 x 9V.