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High performance vacuum deposited shielding

There are many advantages to specifying plastic enclosures for your electronics but a downside of this material is the threat of radio frequency/electromagnetic interference (RFI/EMI).

Fortunately it’s a technical issue which can be easily resolved with EMC shielding – the aluminium metallization of the enclosure. But there are different grades of shielding out there, differing levels of quality.

OKW’s trademarked ALVACOAT® process – plating the inside of the enclosures with 99.99 per cent pure aluminium – offers the reassurance of superior performance.

We have our own vapor plating facility so you only have to deal with one supplier. Specify ALVACOAT® and you can choose the thickness of the coating: 2.5, 5 or 7.5 µm for maximum protection.

ALVACOAT® provides good adhesion with the 2.5 µm coating offering 30-40 dB of shielding between 30 and 1,000 MHz. For more details, view this page. Our expert team can also advise you on how the size and number of openings in your enclosure will affect attenuation.

We recommend an attenuation performance of at least 20 dB. For a frequency of 1,000 MHz, this means a maximum opening of 0.59” (1.5 cm); for 500 MHz, 1.22” (3.1 cm).

EMC shielding is one of many customisation services offered by OKW. They include bespoke colors, special materials, prototyping, machining and assembly, lacquering, printing (digital, water transfer, silk screen, tampo) and adhesive foils.