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Launching a new OKW catalogue is always a milestone event…but this year we’ve gone a stage further.

For the first time our new catalogue is now available in two parts.

Part one is a Programme Overview which summarises all the enclosures and tuning knobs in the range, all their features and benefits.

And even though it’s an overview, it still weighs in at 140 pages! That’s because our offer now comprises:

Part two of the catalogue takes the process a stage further with all the technical data you need to specify the best enclosures for your electronics. It includes all the details you’ve come to expect from our database-enabled website.

So it’s possible to get all the information you need just from the Programme Overview and the website. But part two is available if you prefer the website data in hard copy form.

Now you can see why we’ve split the catalogue. Imagine what a hefty tome it would be if we had to include everything in one massive publication!

View our new two-part catalogue today…