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Think Beyond One Unit…

People just starting out in home automation may think a smart speaker is all they need. But they will soon discover that this technology can be rather addictive…
Why stop at automating your internet experience and entertainments when you can control your lights, heating and security as well? This brings us back to the cool vibe again: all this automation technology has to work seamlessly to provide a holistic solution.

It must all fit together visually as well as functionally. You’ve won’t achieve that luxury look if everything appears thrown together in a piecemeal fashion. So all the enclosures that house your technology must talk to each other aesthetically as well as electronically.

That is why our new PROTEC square control enclosures were launched in three versions right from day one:

  • Version I with a deep recess for connectors, interfaces, switches and cables
  • Version II with a flush-fit snap-on cover to hide the recess
  • Version III with a deep cover that provides extra space and also doubles as a desk stand.

PROTEC will look at home on any horizontal or vertical surface – meaning that you can use them throughout the home.

It is also why SYNERGY was launched in the aforementioned four shapes…and why EVOTEC was designed to be so versatile…and why all our enclosures are designed to be discrete. They must enhance the electronics they house, not detract from them.