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Good security and access control products must be robust, discrete and able to cope with a diverse range of operational environments. Those are precisely the same qualities needed for a great standard electronic enclosure. And it doesn’t take much customisation to transform an off-the-shelf case into your unique housing…

Will Plastic Be Tough Enough For My Enclosure?

Yes, in most cases. Think ‘security’ and it’s easy to assume that your electronics will need a metal housing to survive the demands of the application. Not so. ABS has always been a robust benchmark plastic (hence its popularity) – and others are available if you need something stronger:

  • Polycarbonate (PC) for impact resistance
  • Acrylic-styrene-acrylonitrile (ASA) for UV stability – essential for prolonged outdoor use (and now increasingly popular for indoor applications too)
  • ASA+PC-FR blend – the best of both worlds…PC-reinforced ASA with a superior flammability rating.

And if you need something tougher then specify extruded aluminium housings with a premium finish. They exude understated quality, so they are right at home in luxury properties or advanced technical facilities.

Discretion Is The Better Part…

Security and access control technology seldom shouts about its presence. It is far better for an enclosure to remain discrete to make it less of a target for tampering.

Standard enclosures have always been discrete in their design as a matter of course. Designs that look modern without being too obvious are much easier to customise from an aesthetic point of view. It doesn’t take too many subtle tweaks to make one customer’s standard case look completely different from another.

There is strength is subtlety. Even when we’re talking about our least subtle enclosures – the wild and idiosyncratic BLOB (IP 54) range:

Examples Of Security And Access Control Enclosures