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Even today, many OKW enclosures series are used for the most varied applications in the smart factory. Subsequent use in day-to-day work is highly varied, and the requirements to be met by the enclosures may therefore vary considerably:

  • Mobile enclosures for the integration of temperature, humidity or presence sensors – ergonomic design for fatigue-free working
  • Installed permanently on the wall as gateways – simple, concealed wall mounting, possibly with security functions
  • In machines/systems with integrated vibration/pressure and status sensors
  • In miniature form for wearable applications – on the arm, wrist, around the neck or in the shirt/trouser pocket
  • Larger sizes in a robust design – if more space is required for installing components/displays
  • Use of high-quality materials for the manufacture of the standard enclosures
  • High IP classes for the protection of the built-in electronic components and sensors
  • Options for modifying the standard products according to individual customer wishes and requirements.

To ensure that the standard enclosures also meet individual customer requirements in terms of company colour, visual adaptation to the usage environment, company logo, the electronic components and cables etc., we off er a wide range of services: painting, printing, EMC aluminium vapour plating as protection from stray radiation, cutouts/openings, for example for USB/SPI/I2C/LAN connectors or control buttons. In industrial enclosures with high IP classes, the use of special pressure compensation elements is a big advantage. A partial vacuum may be created inside sealed enclosures if there is a change of temperature. Moisture and dirt particles may be sucked in, damaging the sensitive electronics. These OKW pressure compensation elements can counteract this, since they allow an especially high air flow. At the same time the innovative design provides reliable protection against dirt and, if required, is absolutely waterproof up to a pressure of 6 bar.