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Ergonomic and aesthetic

Electronic components require a protective cover, enclosure all around. However, it not only keeps away harmful external influences! If the enclosure is properly selected and configured, the end product is not only ergonomic and functional to handle, but its appearance is also aesthetically pleasing and of high quality.

OKW Gehäusesysteme has been developing standard enclosures made of plastic and aluminium in cooperation with the experienced industrial designer team polyform from Munich since the 1980s. These enclosures significantly support the concept of high quality devices. The new PROTEC series of enclosures fits seamlessly into the development concept of the manufacturer. Viewed from above, the PROTEC features a square shape with rounded contours. This makes the enclosures series appear very aesthetic and modern, but leaves the user enough scope to realise "his product". The options offered by OKW range from CNC machining (e.g. for interfaces, displays, threaded holes, engraving), painting, printing, assembly work and membrane keyboards/decor foils, to coating the inside of the enclosure with aluminium. This EMC service is used to protect the electronics from interference from outside and to reduce increased internal emission noise.