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Vartiant Diversity

The enclosure range has an inclination of 20°. This is generally regarded as ergonomically ideal for easy operation of the terminal devices and for reading
the data – even at different distances and angles from the device. PROTEC can be ordered from stock in three different sizes with 140 x 140 x 76 mm, 180 x 180 x 92 mm, 220 x 220 x 108 mm (W x D x H). The series is also available in three different versions:

  • Version I features a recessed area at the rear for the installation and protection of interfaces or supply lines. The appearance also plays an important role here, because the plug-in connections are not visible at fi rst glance.
  • Version II includes not only the top and bottom parts, but also an additional cover for the flush covering of the interface area. As a final touch,  the cover snaps firmly into the existing guides.
  • In Version III, a deep cover provides additional volume for built-in components/functions, e.g. for a terminal box, the integration of controllers/ tuning-knobs, on-off switches/buttons, a finger print scanner, a gooseneck microphone and much more. To complete assembly, the high cover is firmly screwed to the bottom part of the enclosure with two Torx screws.

A recessed operating area for integrating and protecting membrane keyboards, operating elements and touch systems has been provided on the square cover surface. The sizes of the touch displays of the PROTEC 140 are 5.7"/14.5 cm, PROTEC 180 – 7"/17.8 cm and the 220 version allows the installation of screen diagonals of up to 21.3 cm / 8.4".