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The PCAN-Diag FD is a handheld device for diagnosing communication on a CAN bus. Diagnostic options exist both at protocol level with the evaluation of CAN 2.0 and CAN FD messages as well as on the physical plane with the help of an oscilloscope function and additional measurement functions for voltage and resistance. The oscilloscope function is used for the qualitative assessment of the signal characteristic on the CAN bus. Two independent measurement channels scan the two CAN High and CAN Low lines at up to 100 MHz. On the basis of the signal characteristic, the PCAN-Diag FD decodes CAN frames and shows their component parts as a graphic curve.

At protocol level, the incoming CAN traffic is displayed in list form, optionally in a symbolic form to allow this to be interpreted better. For subsequent analysis, a tracer is included to record the CAN traffic. Outwardly, individual CAN messages or even entire sequences of CAN messages can be sent to the connected CAN bus, for example, to retrieve diagnostic data. Recorded CAN traces can also be reproduced.

Power is supplied by means of internal batteries. The device is charged using a special storage station. PEAK specified the OKW DATEC-COMPACT enclosure for this device.

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