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The MPI adapter is available in different versions, e.g. as a programming adapter for connecting to a PC or laptop, for the implementation of a USB port on the MPI bus or with a protocol function. The multipoint interface (MPI) is an interface, and the MPI bus is a proprietary interface for Simatic S7 devices by Siemens and is used for connecting PGs (programming devices), OPs (operator panels) and other Simatic S7 devices.

The adapter was realised using the TOPTEC plastic housing. The individual components of the series of enclosures are mounted by means of a snap-in method. The PCBs can be fitted on both sides with interfaces that project beyond the actual width of the enclosure. The previous assembly of the connectors on the case wall and the connection cable for the PCB can now be dispensed with.

The TOPTEC was modified for the MPI adapter at the customer's request by means of mechanical processing for the interfaces and printing on the top.

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