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Beating Infections With Antibacterial Colloidal Silver

The antibacterial effect of silver has been known to mankind for thousands of years. Microscopically small silver ions penetrate the cell walls of bacteria, viruses and fungi and destroy their vital functions. However, colloidal silver – a solution of distilled water and silver ions produced by electrolysis – was superseded by the discovery of antibiotics. But now it is back in favour among health-conscious people. The growing resistance of infections to antibiotics may be a further reason for the growing interest in effective alternatives.

goSilver® is a new generation of devices for the production of colloidal silver solution by means of electrolysis. Operation is particularly simple and intuitive. The goSilver device has 16 predefined programs for the most frequently requested concentrations and water quantities. After the required ppm concentration has been reached, the process shuts off automatically – no external switch or timer is required. There is also an option for setting an individual electrolysis duration (limited to a maximum of five hours). A non-slip surface on the underside of the enclosure ensures stability during the electrolysis process.

Compact, convenient goSilver is housed in a CONNECT wired enclosure. The case comprises two shells – one convex, the other flattened with a recessed panel – that snap together with no screws required. Together they provide an ergonomic handheld enclosure that offers plenty of options for mounting USB interfaces and other wired connectors. CONNECT is ideal for the medical sector – notably for wired remote control applications. Accessories include bedrail holding clamps, a wall holder and cable glad kits with integrated strain relief.