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Body-Contoured Plastic Enclosures For Wearable Electronics

ERGO-CASE is a popular choice for medical devices because it can be either worn or held. These ergonomic enclosures feature a convex design that makes them comfortable to strap to your wrist, arm or waist for long periods of time. A choice of four sizes (82 x 56 x 24 mm to 150 x 200 x 54/69 mm) and battery compartments (2 x AAA, 4 x AA, 1 x 9V, 2 x 9V) makes ERGO-CASE a versatile standard enclosure that can be easily customised to suit your products. Accessories include battery compartments (and contacts), sealing rings, fastening elements, belt/pocket clips, belt straps, wrist straps, lanyards, a ring eyelet and wall suspension element.