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Look at the top and you will see a large recess for a touchscreen, display or membrane keypad. But closer inspection reveals that it’s actually more than a recess: the entire top section is sunk into the base to create that smart protective edge.

As the product designer responsible for this enclosure, Martin Nußberger of polyform Industrie Design said: SMART-PANEL “meets the sophisticated requirements of modern residential and living areas. The top, the face of the enclosure, is the centre of the design. Only a narrow frame surrounds the user interface, and the base of the enclosure blends in."

“The differentiated interplay of the finishes, polished and finely structured, the materials used, plastic and glass, the elegance and precision of the design elements show off the quality of your product to best advantage.”

Easy Installation In Cavity Wall Boxes

SMART-PANEL is intended to make installing small touchscreens and displays swift and easy, integrating seamlessly with the existing infrastructure. For that reason, the bottom section is designed to fit standard flush-mounted cavity wall boxes (up to 150 mm high x 61 mm wide).