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Custom version in lacquered in silver (above)

Yes, you can specify the main case body in a different colour. You could opt for a UV-resistant lacquer that creates a different lustre, a metallic look or a soft-touch feel. Or you could let your imagination run riot with photo-quality digital printing. But here’s where that TPE ring provides another benefit. Simply changing the colour of the ring may be all the corporate branding or colour-coding you need. Add a little machining, perhaps some digital printing. Sometimes less is more.

And that’s the whole point of customised enclosures vs custom enclosures. That’s why we offer 19 different handheld enclosures and a plethora of other desktop, wall-mounted and wearable cases. So you can get as close to perfect as possible – straight off the shelf, with as little extra customisation work as possible.

That’s why we created new SLIM-CASE.