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Selecting The Right Options And Accessories

Rising numbers of enclosures have led to a massive increase in the number of accessories for them. And some of those accessories can be highly specialized, such as charging stations for desktop enclosures – or belt clips for wearable enclosures, or specialized tool sets for opening tamperproof wall-mount enclosures.

So don’t just look at the enclosure – always look at the standard range of accessories that come with it too. They may be specific to that particular housing, and they may offer benefits that other enclosures do not because they don’t come with those accessories as standard.

Even generic accessories that could be fitted to any enclosure are well worth exploring in detail. Not all cable glands are made equal: do they have a higher IP rating (IP 68) to safeguard your electronics? Are they Quickfix to speed up installation? Will they extend by only a few millimetres into the enclosure to save space? Do they have integrated strain relief and kink protection to help extend cable life? Again, it’s worth getting expert advice.