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Printing Legends and Logos, Laser Marking

Printing your enclosures with logos and legends is now faster and more cost-effective than ever thanks to digital technology. Traditional screen and tampo printing methods are still available if required – but the initial costs are higher so we tend to recommend digital printing as the best option.

We can print on a range of plastics (ABS, PC, ASA and ASA+PC), aluminium and steel – all with a height difference of up to 1.4 mm.  Digital printing is recommended for glass.

Laser marking enables you to add very small machine-readable labels such as QR codes, barcodes, Data Matrix codes or consecutive numbering of individual parts. The marking changes the colour of the plastic to grey. Materials suitable for the process include ABS, ASA+PC, ASA+PC-FR, PC, PA, PA GF and aluminium. Laser marking works well on enclosures in the following colours: off-white, pebble grey, light grey, lava and black.