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Accessories For Social Distancing Enclosures

Somehow your wearable device has to be powered. That means a battery. A quartz watch may be able to last three years on one button cell but a device with the power demands of a smartwatch will need recharging every 24-48 hours. So you’re going to need a base station for charging. And it should be suitable for induction charging – enabling you to save space because you won’t need connectors.

It makes sense if your ideal standard wearable enclosure also offers charging stations as standard too. Please note, that’s charging stations plural – because just as a good wearable enclosure should be available in multiple sizes, so there should also be a choice of base stations (and not just because of size).

One type of base station does not fit all requirements. If your user needs just a few devices, then a simple station capable of charging one unit may be all they need; each user has their own charger at their own workstation.

But what if the solution purchaser has a lot of employees and therefore a lot of devices to manage? What if their health and safety manager or dedicated social distancing manager needs to charge large numbers of units at the same time? This requires a completely different type of charger – a modular system that can be scaled up easily to cope with a wide range of user numbers. BODY-CASE offers this versatility: mountable single stations (in two sizes) and also the option of specifying open bases so multiple charging points can be fitted to a larger unit for charging in series.

Which Wearable Enclosure? Alternatives To BODY-CASE

BODY-CASE is our newest and most advanced wearable enclosure but we also offer other models: