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UNITEC is the most specialised of the four models listed here: it has two operating faces so it can be used by two people sitting on either side of a desk (such as a vendor and customer). But that singularity of purpose does not preclude it from performing other roles with aplomb. You’ll find UNITEC a great choice for a wide variety of roles. Applications include point-of-sale devices, data acquisition systems, access and information terminals, building systems, data systems engineering, communications, analysis/diagnostics and therapy, industrial regulation, measuring and control.

How Tough Is Each Desktop Enclosure?

It goes without saying that all four models are robust and more than capable of coping with the demanding hard knocks that the average desktop environment can mete out. But two of the models stand out for their added resilience.

EVOTEC and PROTEC are both moulded from ASA+PC-FR as standard, rather than ABS which is used for COMTEC and UNITEC. ABS is a good all-round plastic (hence its popularity) but ASA+PC-FR is an ASA/polycarbonate blend that offers three key benefits:

  • high resilience – polycarbonate is used in CDs, riot shields, eyewear, and machinery guards
  • good UV stability – ASA+PC-FR will withstand the withering effect of the Sun’s rays when other plastics become fragile and snap (an important consideration even when the enclosure is used indoors)
  • higher flammability rating – UL 94 V-0 instead of the UL 94 HB of ABS (find out more here about flammability ratings).

Would you prefer UNITEC or COMTEC in a tougher and higher-rated plastic than ABS? We can mould both from ASA+PC-FR (or other plastics) as a custom order if you wish.

However, it’s important to note that both EVOTEC and PROTEC offer better ingress protection. They can be specified with an optional IP 65 seal, while COMTEC and UNITEC are restricted to IP 40. Read our guide to IP ratings for more information about the different degrees of protection from water and dust.

Tamperproof Torx assembly screws are standard on EVOTEC and PROTEC. This benefit – combined with their ASA+PC-FR material – makes them particularly suitable for medical devices. The other two enclosures can be specified with Torx assembly screws as a custom option.