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Can I Wall-Mount These Enclosures?

Sloping-front desktop enclosures double well as wall mounted housings. The inclined top presents the keypad at a more comfortable viewing and operating angle (just as it does when each enclosure is on a desk). But there’s a little more to it than that.

If you’re going to wall-mount a desktop enclosure then it makes sense to specify a model that offers a wall-mounting element as an accessory (as all four of these housings do):

  • EVOTEC uses a universal wall suspension element suitable for any small plastic enclosure with a flat base. Four screws attach a plastic adapter to the bottom of the enclosure, enabling the enclosure to be clipped into place on the plastic wall holder quickly and easily. Two screws secure the adapter and holder for added security.
  • COMTEC also has a two-part plastic wall suspension element that enables the enclosure to be quickly latched or unlatched.
  • UNITEC also offers a smart and elegantly simple two-piece plastic wall suspension element.
  • PROTEC uses a simple aluminium wall suspension element supplied with two screws. This system provides secure, flush mounting with no visible fixing screws.