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Seamless Aesthetics, Swift Installation – Ideal For Sensors And Touchscreens

If ever there were one perfect small enclosure for building management sensors and touchscreens then SMART-PANEL is it. Like an iceberg, you only ever see the top – and it’s just as cool. At the risk of labouring the simile, there’s a whole lot of important goodness going on below the surface too...

Underneath that elegant flush-fit top, SMART-PANEL is designed to fit standard cavity wall boxes. The top just clips into place – and can be unclipped just as easily with a pair of special tools (accessory) – so installation and maintenance are incredibly easy. Small isn’t just beautiful…it’s very convenient too.

Martin Nußberger of polyform Industrie Design said: “This panel is something to be proud of! The top, the face of the enclosure, is the centre of the design. Only a narrow frame surrounds the user interface, and the base of the enclosure blends in.

“The differentiated interplay of the finishes, polished and finely structured, the materials used, the elegance and precision of the design elements show off the quality of your product to best advantage.”

We couldn’t have put it better!