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We’re always keen to see which blog topics most interest you (so we’re always digging through our website analytics). And this year we’ve gone a stage further: we’ve picked out the five OKW blog posts you read most this year.

It was quite an eye opener – because the posts that caught your eye and imagination were not always about our latest new models. Often, the posts that gained the most reads were those from previous years; topics that focused on:

  • the plastics we use in our enclosures – and their technical benefits
  • older models designed for specialised roles
  • the far-from-humble DIN rail enclosure – a perennial favourite available in lots of variations.

In each case, every blog post in our top five was there because it gained traction in the search engines. You were looking for helpful information on the topic in question – and we provided it. Missed these blog posts the first time around? Want to reread them? Here they are again…