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As an electronics designer, your sights are set firmly on the innovation horizon – on creating the next great products for your target markets. But in these challenging times you may be spending more time revisiting your existing products…simply to reconfigure them with different components because the original ones you specified are no longer available in a realistic timescale or at a sensible price.

Global component shortages are worsening, forcing some manufacturers to take some very tough decisions. The long and painful chip crisis – caused by Covid-19 restrictions and compounded by growing demand for products for remote working – shows little sign of abating. Demand for semi-conductors has grown by nearly 30%. Basic components such as resistors and capacitors remain in short supply. There is some light at the end of the tunnel for the second half of 2022 but the shortages could continue well into 2023 before constraints ease to any meaningful degree.

So where does that leave electronics manufacturers? You’re under pressure to create products that look new and enhanced…but how can you when you’re struggling to source essential components at any price, let alone a viable one? The pressure is on, the clock is ticking – because electronics is all about rapid innovation, about maintaining and accelerating a flow of smart new desirable products. And you have to deliver…