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Like CONTROL-KNOBS before them, our highly distinctive TOP-KNOBS also won an if DESIGN AWARD. But then we’re betting you’ve never seen potentiometer knobs quite like these. In a world where standard knobs must be discreet in their design, TOP-KNOBS push the envelope with their individuality. And they carry it off with aplomb – as the award and lots of happy customers will confirm.

TOP-KNOBS’ choice of different-shaped and brightly coloured marking elements is about much more than making a design statement (though they do). They aid identification of functionality. And their tactile qualities can be beneficial for visually impaired users.

There is a huge choice of permutations thanks to the clever construction of these knobs. Simply specify a standard colour and diameter – then select one of 15 different marking elements. TOP-KNOBS are available with either lateral screw or push-on fixing.