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  • Which model offers the biggest choice of sizes? Both models are available in four plan sizes – each in two heights. For MINI-DATA-BOX, those heights are 15 mm and 20 mm across the range. For EASYTEC, the heights vary from 22 mm to 46 mm – depending on which plan size is selected.
  • Which model offers the largest size? EASYTEC (172 x 93 x 46 mm).
  • Which model offers the smallest size? MINI-DATA-BOX (40 x 40 x 15 mm).
  • Which model offers the greatest choice of shapes/versions? MINI-DATA-BOX – S square and E ‘Edge’/rectangular, either with or without flanges for cable ties and screws.
  • Which model has the stronger sectional joint? MINI-DATA-BOX, which features an all-round tongue-and-groove joint.
  • Which model offers the greatest choice of standard colours? MINI-DATA-BOX – traffic white (RAL 9016) or anthracite grey (RAL 7016).