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Electronic enclosures for industrial applications were once very prosaic. Not anymore, not since the likes of SMART-BOX brought rounded ergonomic contours (and a whole more besides) to the marketplace. These tough ASA+PC IP 66 housings prove that enclosures destined for factories don’t have to be manufactured from metal.

SMART-BOX shares a lot of technical features with its diecast aluminium counterparts elsewhere in the industry. A key benefit is the separate channels for the mounting and lid screws. This enables ‘lid-closed’ installation, protecting the seal and the electronics when the enclosures are being mounted to walls, machines and bulkheads in challenging environments.

All the A2 stainless steel screws are concealed beneath hinged (rather than clip-on) trims. This ensures the trims won’t get dropped during installation or removal – useful when working at height. That also applies to the lid which includes plastic retaining straps. Inside, there are fastening pillars for PCBs or DIN rails.

Like so many other OKW enclosures, SMART-BOX has a recessed top for the addition of a membrane keypad. There is also an additional surface for labels on the underside. Accessories include case feet for desktop use, pressure equalisation elements, and security plugs for use with lead tags.