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Tough IP-rated plastic enclosures are making increasing inroads into the world of industrial electronics. Increasingly, they’re being specified for applications where once only a metal housing would have sufficed.

Not every plastic enclosure can survive life in a factory or outdoors: it takes a special breed. They must be strong with higher levels of ingress protection – that much is obvious. But they also need something more...

Good plastic enclosures must also come equipped with the kind of technical features that have made their diecast aluminium counterparts so successful. These features are there for a reason:

  • High levels of ingress protection – at least IP 66, which safeguards your components from dust and jets of water. Read our guide to IP ratings for more information.
  • ‘Lid closed’ installation – so enclosures can be fitted in challenging locations without fear of water or dust ingress.
  • Robust internal hinges or lid retaining straps – to ensure the lid is not dropped when the enclosure is being installed at height.
  • A generous lid recess for a membrane keypad or product label.
  • Plenty of accessories – such as security kits, pressure equalisation elements, or wall mounting brackets.
  • Smart modern aesthetics – because looks matter more than ever in today’s futuristic factories and technical facilities.

OKW manufactures a huge range of plastic enclosures but these are the main four to consider for industrial electronics: SOLID-BOX, SMART-BOX, IN-BOX and ROBUST-BOX. All four models can be specified fully customised.