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SOLID-BOX is a new range of rugged, versatile enclosures for desktop and wall-mount electronics. They’re ideal for plant and machine construction, measurement and control, HVAC, Industry 4.0, IoT/IIoT, sensors, gateways, data loggers, ICT, electrical installations, safety engineering, and agriculture.

With an IK 08 impact rating, SOLID-BOX certainly lives up to its name. To be certified IK 08, an enclosure must be able to withstand five joules of impact. That is the equivalent of a 1.7 kg mass being dropped from 300 mm above the impacted surface.

Smart design features include:

  • ‘lid closed’ installation – with snap-on trims to cover the screw channels and corrosion-resistant captive Torx screws
  • recesses in the lid for a keypad or label, and in the base section to help protect cable glands and connectors
  • two types of hinge (accessories) to ensure the lid remains attached to the main case body when the enclosure is open
  • internal fastening pillars for circuit boards, DIN rails and mounting plates
  • mounting points on the rear (sizes 145 and 175) to match the hole patterns of VESA MIS-D 75/100.

SOLID-BOX is moulded from a blend of polycarbonate and ABS for added strength. Polycarbonate is a very strong plastic – it’s the one used for riot shields and bulletproof glass. SOLID-BOX’s PC+ABS blend is flame-retardant, rated V-0 (1.50 mm) with increased heat distortion temperature (Vicat/B 120 = 110°C).