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iF Product Design Award winner MINITEC is the small enclosure that offers a huge range of possible permutations. It is based on two different shapes: ‘Edge’ (squared) and ‘Drop’ (rounded), which between them can be fitted to carrying straps, wrist straps, lanyards and key rings.

Like BODY-CASE, each MINITEC comprises top and bottom sections and an intermediate ring. And not just one ring but lots – for straps, key rings, USB connectors and infrared applications – in a broad spectrum of colours.

All the enclosures are moulded from either ABS or infrared-permeable PMMA (for remote control applications). The main case can be specified in off-white (RAL 9002), lava and black (RAL 9005, PMMA) – while the ring colours include orange, green, blue, black, off-white, volcano and lava.

Sizes (S, M, L) range from 51 x 32 x 13 mm to 78 x 48 x 26 mm. And with so many different shape, size, ring and colour options, it’s easy to specify your ideal standard wearable enclosure, reducing the need for customisation.