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ERGO-CASE (IP 54 optional) solves the dilemma of ergonomics for larger and more bulky devices. Its curved shape fits the body more snugly, making it a pleasure to wear – whether you strap it to your wrist, your arm or around your waist.

Size XS (82 x 56 x 24 mm) is perfect for wrist-worn electronics that are too big for BODY-CASE. Two eyelet holes in a soft-touch TPE intermediate ring enable ERGO-CASE XS to be won on a wrist strap with hook and loop fastening (accessory). It will also fit a belt strap (accessory). Two other ring options are available – one with a single eyelet, the other with none.

Sizes S (80 x 96 x 32/44 mm), M (150 x 100 x 40/55 mm) and L (150 x 200 x 54/69 mm) can be specified with fastening elements that enable them to be attached to a belt strap or a wall. These elements and the straps are all available as accessories. Other accessories include belt/pocket clips and a ring eyelet.

IP 54 ingress protection is optional on all sizes except XS. The enclosures are moulded from off-white and black ABS (UL 94 HB). All four sizes have a recessed top, offering plenty of space for a membrane keypad. Optional battery compartments are available for sizes M and L (4 x AA, 1 x 9 V, 2 x 9 V), along with battery clips and contacts. Size S has integrated supports for 2 x AAA cells. Size L can be specified with or without a clip-in display panel in either translucent PC or solid ABS.