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With smooth, timeless curves, low-profile DIATEC is an attractive choice for wall-mounted control panels – whether wired or battery powered. Applications include home automation, photovoltaic solar installations and air quality monitoring.

These modern, flat ABS enclosures have a large central control panel for a touch screen, keypad or display, along with a recessed area for interfaces and cable glands. Hinged lids (accessories) are available in opaque ABS, translucent PC or transparent PC.

Snap-on side panels allow DIATEC to be installed without having to disassemble the top panel. The base has invisible knockouts for wall fixings. Inside, there are screw pillars for PCBs, and slot-in panels (accessory) to separate the electronics and terminal areas. Other accessories include wall suspension elements, anti-slide feet for desktop use, battery clips (2 x N, 2 x AA, 2 x AAA) and a plug-in contact (1 x 9 V).